25 Feb

The Selfie

Written by Christianne Bown


I’m not a fan of having my photo taken. I don’t relax and it makes my face do weird things. My smile becomes crooked, and I feel awkward. I know I’m not alone.

I have spent a lot of time telling clients what I thought I would want to hear if I were them, but I realize how much I have avoided having my own picture taken so how could I possibly relate? I have had some great success with letting my creativity run the show but I thought about how much better that would be if I could become comfortable in front of the camera. So with this new found information I’ve decided that I need to be able to take my own photo. I needed to practice on myself and make myself comfortable before I could truly make others comfortable.

Starting with not looking at the camera made me feel like no one was judging me, but over time I realize its just a camera and I seriously don’t need to fear it. How bad could it be?

Not everyone has a fancy camera and tripod to set up but we all have cell phones that have the ability to take “the selfie”. They even have the stick to help you. I see a lot of the younger kids with a different comfort level in front of a camera. Social Media has exploded with the selfie.

So when you have some time to spare, grab your selfie stick and make yourself comfortable. Even if you don’t like the final product (and I usually don’t) you just need to find a pose or two that you actually don't feel silly in, and a smile that isn’t crooked or awkward, and go with it. Having head shots that show your fun side can be just as beneficial as the ones that show the serious side.

Then when you do call the professional to take your shots you will know the poses that you are comfortable with and have a-lot more fun with the time spent in front of the camera.

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